Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Interupt the Week In Review - That got put on hold! I HAD TO BE A DUCK!

O.k. I had to vent about this. One of the other blogs that I like to keep up with "hosted" a who are you voting for & why? So I left a comment. I told who and 2 or 3 reasons why. I didn't slam the other guy. Just gave my reasons or concerns as to how I had decided. I was nice & civil. Nor did I make a comment about anyone else who had left their 2cents worth.

So I was shocked when a later comment singled me out. (I said that the tax plans had us as a small business owner concerned). They suggested that I read the plans. Just how did they know that I had or hadn't? She doesn't know anything about my business size, income, or number of employees. But she felt like she should tell me to read the plans & be informed. I am, we are member of the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) they covered both, broke them down gave the pro's & con's. I get 2 or 3 emails a week from them & they covered the election issues esp. those for their members heavily. I may know more than I cared to. So how dare she assume that I had no idea how or why I felt as I did & was going to cast my vote uninformed. I didn't tell anyone else that had commented that I thought they needed to research their choice more. I let them have their say & their choice free from my judgement.

So I sat down & typed a response to her, it was long & bitter, I realized as I reread it. I then thought was does this accomplish, for me, her, or our host. Would she ever see it anyway. This was not what the host wanted. She wanted help deciding who to vote for. Not a war of words.

I decided that she wasn't worht my time or energy & I didn't want to lower myself to that. So I choose to be a duck & let her comments roll off me & go where they belong. To the bottom of the pond. I had to get that off my chest.

Click on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit blog for a funny post on the post election media circus, dated 11/07/08.

I promise I'll get the rest of my week in review up & a few new pictures. Soon!

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