Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's my alphabet challenge!

On Thursday Eudea Mamia over at Life Liberty & the Pursuit Submitted her alphabet challenge & offered it up to us as well. So I asked for my letter.

I got the letter B - I first I thought this would be hard & with Lsquare beside me watching the BCS game. He was very quick with the 1st 2 I then came up with 3 & 4 then he added #5. After that he then lost interest & when I read him my list he seem to disapprove of #12. Plus he said

"I thought that you only had to do 10."

Well I wasn't sure I'd keep any of his & I had thought of others & couldn't decide. Plus since I'm so competitive I might want extra credit.

So if I must go with only 10 you can omit #1, #2, #5 & #12 - Then that would give me 10.

There is no real order to these - just how they came up.

# 1 Booze - Does this really need any explaining (I use this to include good wine as well as hard liquor - a margarita needs to have booze)

#2 Boobs - because I didn't have to pay for mine. No offence to anyone who has store bought ones, half or more of my friends have & I love my friends just the same -

** Please remember these were contributed by Lsquare - I'll leave it at that**

#3 Babies after a bath - Oh that smell - I miss it. I get that stinky sweaty boy smell now.

#4 Ballet lessons - Lulu loves to dance & to see her be able to do something that looks like something is breathtaking & I love the enjoyment in her face.

#5 Baseball - Braves Baseball - The only professional sport that I will go to willingly & even suggest that we go. (college football is my other favorite sport)

#6 Boys - They sure do love their mama's & give great hugs.

#7 Books - A little general, but I love to read to my kids. To find books for me or them that takes us into someone else world, to see what they see, to feel what they feel. To learn or see things from a different perspective is great.

#8 Bedtime - To put those sweet babies to bed & then do something for me - maybe even go to bed HA! - It is nice to tell them good night & feel like that I now can do for me maybe, that's usually when I catch up on my favorite blogs.

#9 Beach - again does this one need explaining - I could learn to live with almost nothing if it meant my home would be at the beach. I know to live at a beach might change it but I hope not. I really am able to recharge my batteries at the beach. I just love it.

#10 Birthday cake- I am a birthday cake snob. I love a really good birthday cake & would order one just to get to eat a piece. ( I haven't but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it) I do not pass on birthday cake ever.

#11 Brunch - I love to go to brunch - love, love , love it.

# 12 Big butts - no I don't love these but after all the birthday cake, brunch & booze , while at the beach (sitting on my butt) - I'll have to learn to love the one I will for sure have.

#13 - Blogging of course

The best for last

#14 Believing - as my faith grows & deepens - I am thankful for my belief in God & that I have it to keep me grounded & to remind myself to be thankful for how blessed I am.

There is my list

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tammy said...

Great list! That was fun. I love the picture of your kids and dogs on the side. And I agree -why do they have to grow up?