Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm still here - I think

Oh my! Since my last post 2 weeks ago life has been nuts. I lost internet on my laptop & still can't find it. Lord willing I'll be back up soon. I'm working off my desktop that likes to take naps at will and just go home for the day whenever it sees fit. Sometimes I really hate computers, one of those when they work we love them & hate them when they don't work.

My mom is out of the hospital and recovering at home. We thought Sophie's cancer was in over drive, growing by the minute (a growth on her back really horrible looking uck!) but it was trying to abscess again. It is better and we now feel that her cancer is in a holding pattern for lack of a better description. Simon gave us a scare this week. He began to loose use of his back legs & then all of his legs in just a matter of hours. We rushed him the the vet ER and after lots of tests & more money than I care to think about. We brought him home with medicine to treat what we hoped was a disc issue and not something more or worse. We were fortunate and thankful the medicine is doing the trick. Having both dogs sick and the thought that I could loose them both so close was rough for us. But they are doing better and almost their old selves again. I told you our dogs are our babies too.

We are working hard to keep our schooling up to speed even though the last 4 weeks have been especially trying and tough. At the same time knowing that such a large responsibility is on our plates may have been what was in part driving me & keeping us focused.

I do so hope to have some photos up soon. I like more photos than words myself, they do tell so much as well as pose lots of questions. I have been carring my camera everywhere and have several to share. We spent an afternoon at our farm, where one day I will get to call home again. I took several photos, O.K. over 200 there is a reason that they tell you not to work with kids & animals. But I was trying to get a Christmas card picture. Plus I have taken numerous others that I might post.

I'll be back soon, I promise.

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