Friday, October 3, 2008

Just another day!

A typical day!
He may look cute, but what came out of his mouth after
I took this was - well Rude!

She made me take this picture after ballet last week.
Lulu is always dancing about & flipping everywhere.
I wish I had her energy, & could do those things without fear of injuring something -ME.

Sophie naps - she's such a sweet girl!
She's not feeling the best these days.
We've been to the vet a lot lately, she's taking chemo for cancer.

Simon's life is too hard!

You may have figured out that our four legged children are
But they give so much love & are so good with the 2 legged kids
That might be part of what keeps them young.

1 comment:

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

what a precious family...those eyes on that boy spwawn of yours is amazing....and that little powder puff captures your heart, doesn't she?