Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm working on some things!

Bare with me 2009 has been busy.

I've wanted to make changes to my blog, more substance. I've had a desire to write & never could decide how to go about it. All sorts of ideas go through my head, but don't always seem to get completed or get lost on their way to the keyboard. I decided to take off to try & decide how to use this medium.

February had me making lots of Doctor visits for myself & every other member of my family. Then I had to have some oral surgery and I found out that I'm not as young as I used to be? I would have sworn that I was still in 20's late yes but 20's. Mentally maybe & maturity wise maybe. But physical I'm in my 30's & perhaps beyond!

It was much harder than I was ready for & wiped me out for far longer than I had planned or was ready for. So homeschooling was a challenge & had to be my 1st priority.

I've missed this. I have tried to keep up with my favorite blogs, and usually refrained from commented on most of them. Trying to be wise with my time, that and I knew that they'd survive without my 2 cents worth.

But I've come up with what I hope will be my posting plan. 2 days a week I will cover my family & events. Then 2 days a week I will write about the things that are on my mind. So I'll start there & we'll see how it goes.

Did I mention that I've been attending "diet class" for the last 8 weeks & trying to learn how to eat better for the whole family. That has also taken a lot of my time & energy. My DH is diabetic so I'm trying to do better for him & I had several pounds that needed to stop following me around as well. I'm down about 14 pounds & have about 20 give or take to go.

So please forgive me & know that I've been thinking of you & feeling as though I was missing a few friends (even though I'd come by & read a while with you).

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Eudae-Mamia said...

Hey Sarah!!

Welcome back. So glad to hear that something horrible (though oral surgery doesn't sound like to much fun) didn't keep you away.

I understand the whole changing course thing. If your blog isn't what you want it to be, that's the beauty of it - it's yours.

Change away!!

Can't wait to see where it heads.

And congratulations on the weight loss. Wonderful! Em