Thursday, April 2, 2009

Charity Does Begin at Home

No not the selfish me me me type, or what can we do for our family or home 1st type.

I am referring to doing something for yourself. I believe more & more that we (I mean moms - no offence dads) need to let charity start with ourselves & for us. When we take care of ourselves we can better do the job others need & want us to do for them, even beyond the family in our house.

When we allow ourselves to take care of our needs, we are better for everyone else. I know friends that they are the last thing on the list, that is if they even are on the list to get attention. I've had that same mind set. Quickly, I am realizing that to be my best for everyone else I need to take of me.

Caring for ourselves goes beyond being able to say I had a shower today.

Smart eating.

When you eat better, you'd be surprised how quickly you will try to get your kids to have better meals & snacks. Plus I view teaching right from wrong to include food too. Trust me I'm not perfect at practicing what I preach, but we are trying. Getting more of the right foods helps in every area, energy, mood, attitude, and sleep.

Exercise, we need it & we deserve it.

I found my self unable to sleep a view weeks ago & watching several reruns of Biggest Looser (which I'd never seen before). The lady that went home said that within weeks of being home that she had gained about 10lb back. She was busy seeing to everyone else & not giving herself anything but the leftovers (which were few). When she realized that she was about to gain back what she had lost, she changed her thinking, making sure that she had time for exercising and for herself.
Let's not forget the energy that you'll have to offer others.

It's O.K. to pamper yourself from time to time.

I know money for most is tight, so I'm not saying head to the spa. But find a few "beauty products" that you like. Get everyone out of the house one afternoon. Hard I know, but you deserve it. Have dad take them to a park or something. Do some kiddo swapping with a friend. Take hers 1 afternoon & then give her yours the next day.
Take those products, run a hot tub of water & relax. Paint your nails, scrub your body slick. Just once a month. Give yourself some pampering.

Read, blog, listen to music.

Find something to enjoy. Maybe rediscover a old hobby, find time for a good book or with some favorite music.

Now here's where I've been with these on my list to do for me, lately.

Several weeks ago my DH and I began a new "life style" change, known by most as diet. Even though I don't like the word diet, to call it a life style change sounds odd, or like I can't come to grips with being on a diet. Everyone is on a diet, just what type, healthy, bad or really bad. I've seen some results lost 15lbs, my clothes are pretty loose, so some new clothes will be in my future. Yeah!

It's hard to keep up with what I eat, when I eat, how much & do I have the right foods. Then there is exercise. Ugh! I remember when I was younger I lived on a bike. No really. I rode at least 10 miles everyday that the sun was shining. But to exercise now is a chore & I think of the other things that I should or could be doing. Why do I feel guilty for doing something for me. Even though I know I deserve it & need it. But I do love the energy I have that day.

I've been slowly (not daily) able to have some reading time for me & I get my music in while on my treadmill encounter. I've given my self an extra few minutes in the shower. (O.k. not everyday but a couple).

I've been trying to get more & better sleep.

Over all I feel like a better wife & mom. I'll ask them & see waht they think & if they agree I'll post it, if not oh well!

Baby steps taken & many more to go. But at least, I'm on the right track & getting better each day in taking care of me. So that I can be my best for everyone else and for Me!


Eudae-Mamia said...

So true! So True!!

15 pounds - Holy Smoke - that's awesome.

Boot Camp starts back up next week, and I cannot wait. It's from 5:45 - 6:30 in the morning, and I love every second. My mental health takes a beating when I don't exercise. A pattern I have finally tuned in to.

Here's to taking a second.

(I'm taking back my "shower" time this weekend, and locking out the kids and the Hubs as I get ready for the day. Wish me luck!) Em

midnightvisitor said...

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