Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Musings

Even Diana & Jackie O

Saturday night the hubby & I were able to go to diner & then a quick stop by Barnes & Nobles before retrieving our children from my parents. We lingered every moment that we could. I had been in the children's' section looking for some books to inspire my non reader & my "will I ever read by myself" reader. When the bargain hunter in me stopped at the bargain section.

There they were Diana, Jackie O, JFK, Bono, Eminem, The Beatles, and so many other famous faces. All with bargain stickers plastered across their cover. Let me tell you as a lover of books the sticker on the book alone was enough to irritate me, that glues lasts forever.

But here were all different people from so many different walks of life with similar & different contributions to the world, in the bargain section. It was a little sad at first. But after a moment I thought no matter how big or important someone is, they probably won't always stay at the top. They are human, people just like the rest of us, with faults. They can stumble or be tripped up in life, or their time at the top will pass.

It really made me wonder why it is that so many people worship famous people. Do they all deserve this worship, why do so many want to be them, look like them, act like them, and have what they have? Most have never proven themselves to be worthy of such praise & even so they are still human & capable of messing up like the rest of us. The higher they are the further the fall. Are our lives really so bad that & theirs so much better? What's wrong with who you are?

While I haven't met many if any truly famous people. I've been in the room or arena with a few. It was fun & exciting to be there. But I've never been consumed with someone and felt compelled to keep up with their every move, or know everything there is to know about that person. I don't even want to know what my neighbors are doing, so I can't imagine keeping up with someone who doesn't know I exist.

We're all human so anyone can be famous & therefor end up in the bargain section. I may never be famous (thank goodness) but I should never end up in the bargain section!

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