Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As Seen On TV

I'm not sure about anyone else, but my kids watch way to much TV. I've heard about time limits & after our break for the holidays & some interesting comments from my kids & knowing that they need to be spending more time reading & playing real games, I will make some changes for the new year. (don't you love run on sentences - hope my dad the writer isn't reading this)

But I want to share some of the comments.

Lulu - really wants a snuggie - you know that blanket with arms. She has asked us several times over the last few weeks to order her one. She's quick to let us know that we'd get two of them & that they come with 2 of the light things, so how could we not want to order one.

Gman - wants a big city slider. He can quote the commercial word for word. He too has let it be know how much he wants one. I told my DH that next year we will just shop at the As Seen on TV store in the mall & be done.

But to go with the too much TV. They can recite TV shows as they watch them. This has got to stop. But dad loves the TV & doesn't help matters. After being at work all day this is his escape I guess. He can't stand quiet. He's a 3rd & youngest child & grew up with a mom & 2 older sisters -ALL BIG TALKERS- they never stop & his wife isn't much better. So he's used to noise & to have the TV off is to quiet for him.

So while I may have a battle to fight, it must be fought.

While we're on it does anyone know anyone who knows someone that knows Billy Mays from all those TV commercials, I think if I have him tape all of Gman's lessons we will get somewhere & fast. He will go into Billy Mays mode & do his commercials so if I can get Mr Mays to do grammer rules & spelling words, we'll soar. Gman is a verbal learner esp in spelling. He just has to hear it a few times & ususally has it. (it just getting him to to it)

Wish me luck!


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Heidi said...

Billy Mays. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I have a verbal learner, too. And both my boys are always coming to me to tell me that I need to buy something from infomercials, LOL. I think you're on to something. Could we convince Billy Mays to create a math program?