Monday, December 22, 2008

A Night In the Big City With The Big Guy

We had our trip to see Santa a few weeks ago.
Yes, they are wearing PJ's. It came about a few years ago when I couldn't find any Christmas outfits that I liked & we decided that since Santa comes when we are ALL sleeping that PJ's would be just fine.

After Santa we headed over to Atlantic Station for some shopping & then spotted the HUGE tree they have & it screamed photo opt. The kids were screaming something about being cold & freezing , but I had the warm fuzzies of the moment & didn't notice that their fingers were falling off. I did notice Lsquare in a very festive mood himself. Not sure who was complaining more. But I wasn't leaving until I got the photo I wanted. So I let that be known & suddenly everyone was on board.

No silly photos here, just pictures to treasure for a lifetime. Ha!

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