Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Day After

A little good clean fun?

I always encourage brotherly/sisterly love!

Who's going to come away with the title?
-What a way to spend the day after Christmas-
The day after the celebration of the birth of Christ
& with all the new toys to play with this is
what they do/how they entertain themselves

This is what Simon did while the fight went on just
4 or 5 feet away & never moved.
He'd looked at them like what are they doing now?

Lulu makes a fashion statement. Now isn't that the
best bowling outfit ever!

We met up with friends that were in town for the holidays
& did a little cosmic bowling.

Gman got a strike.
I had hurt my foot just before leaving
( on Gmans new Scooter that SANTA brought)
& still beat all of them. Ha!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i am so glad to see that my twerps are not the only ones...

ur family is a qt


edie said...

Hi Sarah,
Warm welcome to blog world.....and homeschooling world. I'm fairly new to both myself. Your children are adorable. Thanks for visiting and looks like you've gotten hooked in to some great blogs!