Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

I took this right after Santa came, with only the
tree lights on. My tree looks much better than it appears in
these pic's.But my flash is too bright or something
& I can't seem to over ride it or anything HELP!

After Isn't this sweet - he told her that she couldn't ride her new scooter until she had her helmet on & correctly Watch out - he's armed - not sure about dangerous.

Lulu got a nerf maverick to defend herself with but Gman took that one over as well.

Simon found time for a nap

Off to bed -until the dishwasher is done- I am.

Not to bad considering that we had about 20 people here

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rocknrollmama said...

Hello, just passing by & I wanted to comment on this post. You have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen! If I ever own my own house, I want YOUR kitchen, lol!!!! :)