Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thirty One Days - Day Two ~ DIY Projects

Ok so what’s next?

I have struggled with this. It was tempting to just create a list of 31 items on day 1 and basically sprint to the finish line, but that won’t work. Since the first few post need to consist of items that timing is imperative to, I think DIY projects will need to be addressed early {and crossed of the list or gotten out of the way}.

We all seem to get that driving force around this time of year to finally start or finish those projects around our home that we have declared necessary must do jobs. Why is that? I guess the thought of visitors’ planned and unplanned gets us motivated to act. Just be sure to proceed with real thought and consideration. Will you get those unfinished DIY projects completed, started or hide them out of sight until 2013; you decide.

Her are few questions to ask yourself to begin to evaluate your situation.

How important are these projects really?

Will it help during or near holiday time to have them completed?

Can they wait?

I have 3 on my list

-Repair a running toilet. We are fortunate to have a big house with lots of bathrooms. However with our layout, we have 3 floors {split-level house} and we have 1 bath on each level with the 3rd floor having 2, a guest and the master.  Here’s the rub if the ½ bath on the main floor is in use then I need this second bathroom available to send guest to. The guest bathroom up stairs is the best one for company. Honestly I’m just ready to have this off the “To Do” list around here, so this is a good excuse to get it repaired.

-Recover my dinning room seat cushions. This is a project that I’ve done before, so I know what to expect both time and materials wise. I recovered these chairs about 5 years ago, since then I’ve gone in a different direction with the room and what I choose doesn’t work anymore. Since I always host either Christmas Eve or Christmas day for our families I’d love to get this completed for this year.

-Shelves for my laundry room installed. I’ve contemplated for years what to do with the area of my laundry room opposite my washer & dryer; we installed some lower cabinet but left the top open. I love the open shelves look that’s so popular right now. I have cabinets on the opposite wall over my washer & dryer; I think 2 sets in this room would be too heavy. With the addition of shelves to that side of the room they should take center stage away from the washer dryer, they’ll be pretty & utilitarian to boot. Ballard Design has some that I just love, but at almost $300 they are out of my reach right now. I decided to go to a local home improvement center to price doing the job myself {or for my DH to do} and came in just under a $100. A pretty good savings and a project my son will love to help with. 

~ I promise to post a photo of my before and after if I am able to get this one.

Now if it comes down to choosing the bathroom will not get the axe, so it may be a coin toss between the other two items.

Ok what projects are swirling around in your mind?  Do you have any projects currently in the works? Can they be finished without making you or your life more nuts than it might already be? If you truly can’t finish it or it’s just not necessary then pack it up and put it away until next year. There’s no need to create extra stress, especially if it can be avoided.  If you can get it done now is the time, don’t wait finish it this month; you’ll love the satisfaction that it brings. Much success to you whatever you choose.

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