Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thiry-One Days ~ Day Six - Holiday Travel Needs

In keeping with the planning aspect of holiday preparations, will your Christmas plans have you traveling?

Now is a good time to get the details set, confirmed or get the ball rolling if you haven’t even begun.

Will your travel plans include…Air travel, Hotels, Car rental or airport shuttles?

Making and confirming schedules and reservations now could save you from headaches later.

What about your mail or your plants?

Will you need a house sitter or pet care while you are away?

Will you need to do any shopping to get ready to travel?

Will you need to ship any gifts ahead of time?

Check your luggage is it in good shape? What about prefilled travel size bottles of your favorite products or an empty set to fill with your own products? Get these ready now.

Take the time now to not just acknowledge these needs, but begin working on them.  You have the opportunity to greatly reduce confusion or other problems that can arise and therefore reduce your stress.

If you are lucky enough to stay home you may not need these tips. But do you have a friend or neighbor you know will be traveling? Could they use some help with these needs? A ride to the airport or their home watched and the mail brought in, you see where I’m going I think. What a great gift to give to someone during the holidays and it shouldn’t cost you anything and be of great help to them. What a great way to extend Christ’s love to another.

Now that this is on your mind it’s a great time to get your travel plans set and confirmed so that you don’t have to worry about it later

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