Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thirty-one Days ~ Day Three Appointments

So glad you’re back.

If you’ll remember on day one I mentioned setting appointments. What does that have to with being ready for Christmas? We want a stress free holiday, so we need to cross those T’s and dot those I’s. I know that it may sound crazy but having appointments set will avoid all sorts of problems. Think about how busy and chaotic things can become, as Christmas gets closer because not only is Christmas coming but also the New Year. 

Think about all of the details we have to take care of before the end of the year; with or with out Christmas to celebrate.  Does anyone in your family need to see their doctor or dentist before the end of the year due to insurance needs or requirements?  

My darling hubby is diabetic and our dentist stays booked, so if we miss any of our scheduled appointments it can mess us up. Also stop to consider that a lot of people have met their deductibles and may want to get into the doctor one more time before the end of the year. It can be hard to see the doctor if you wait to long to make that appointment. I know that these things seem to slip my mind and around Thanksgiving I remember that we need to get an appointment before the end of the year and have had trouble getting one.

My husband and I have used the trip to the doctor, who’s in a bigger city about 45 minutes away as an excuse for a date night or even to finish up Christmas shopping during the holiday season.

So today will be short so that you can go look to see who needs to see the doctor or dentist and get a those appointments set now, not later when there are fewer choices…remember we want a stress free Christmas. 

~I hope you are enjoying the series and beginning to get ready for a stress free Christmas.

Be sure and take some time to enjoy some of the many other bloggers and the 31 Day series. There are so many great bloggers out there and they are so generous to share all of their great ideas and insight.

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