Friday, October 12, 2012

Thirty-one Days ~ Day Twelve - Holiday Entertaining Part II

Continuing with the mindset of entertaining lets looks at our supplies.

Take time to look at your china or Christmas dishes and other plates or platters that you would use for parties or other entertaining events.  This will help you avoid discovering a crack or chip in something the day of your event and if you do see you if need something, you'll have the time to take care of it.

What about your linens? Do you have the right sizes? Are they in need of replacing? Do they need to be cleaned or pressed before your party? What about napkins or other paper products? 

What about candles and candlesticks?  See what you have versus what you will want to use. I know that red and white candles are always the first colors to sell out at the stores.  Checking on this now will ensure that you have the sizes and colors you want. 

What types of centerpieces will you have? Do you have a piece you pull out every year? If so then you may have already checked on this, if not take a look at it. How does it look? Do you like a fresh arrangement? You may want to begin to plan this and even speak with a florist.

Take a day to check these items so that you can take care of them ahead of time and not have any surprises at the last minute.

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