Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thirty-one Days ~ Day Four Christmas Cards

Do you send Christmas cards? Do you prefer a traditional boxed card or perhaps a photo card?  Do you always send a card every year or every other year? I have friends that do it both ways. Now is the time to get the ball rolling on this one, if you haven’t already? 

Prefer a boxed card? For a better selection of boxed cards you may want to get those now before the choices are few. Will you purchase your photo card through one of the super cute websites or use Costco or Wal-mart to print your cards? Start looking now at their selection, it might be useful when you begin to plan clothing for the picture.

Since photos cards can be pricey taking the time to shop around could save you a lot of money. I know several sites are offering discounts right now on these.

Need inspiration? Not only are the photo card websites full of ideas so is Pinterest.  Maybe take a little time and look around {don’t get to bogged down with this, it’s so easy to do}.  Photo cards can become major productions if you let them.

How will you get your perfect picture? Will you use a collage of photos from through out the year? Will you hire a photographer? Have a friend take it or do it your self.

Having a professional take it can be less stressful, but will cost more. They book up fast this time of year, so get that appointment made soon. Doing it yourself can save a lot of money, but may take more of your time. You’ll need to plan not only the clothes but also location and props.

Who will you include in your picture? We always have our dogs so I have to be sure that they have a grooming appointment near picture time. Do you have kids away at school or maybe your children are as busy as mine and you have to schedule pictures around dance practice or some other activity time? Keep this in mind as you plan your photo opt.

So spend some time today deciding what direction you want or need for this year and develop your plan to get this going or finished up. 

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