Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thirty-one Days ~ Day Seven - A Little R & R

A little Review and Rest since day seven is a Sunday, I want us to spend more time with our families than with the 31 days. Let's take a few minutes and look back at all of the suggestions from this past week. I know that you may not need all of these. But of the ones that you did, which areas were you able to tackle and which ones still need your attention?

Did you decide on your Christmas cards?
Is there a DIY project on your to do list {or one that needs to be packed up until next year}?
Did you identify what areas outside your home need attention before winter gets here?
Was there anyone that needed a doctor’s appointment?
What about travel plans or offering to help a friend while they are away?

I know I’ve still got several items to work on, but I have a good start. This weekend we worked in our yard {it's more work than I realized -whew! not done yet but we've started}. Make time to look at these next week and work towards marking them off of your to do list, we have lots more to cover next week.

Thank you so much for coming and hanging out with me. I know if we have a plan and work on it a little each day, we’ll be have so much completed that we can all enjoy a stress free Christmas.

Take some time today to enjoy some of the other 31Day bloggers post. There are so many interesting topics to explore.

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