Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thirty-One Days ~ Day Five -Sprucing Up Our Exteriors

Depending on where you live time could be a big factor in you ability to complete this task. So before any more of our precious time gets away let’s talk about sprucing up outside before winter hits.           

Do you need to have your gutters cleaned?

What about your windows?

Are there weeds in your flowerbeds?

Do you have bushes or trees that need trimming?

What do you need to get your home’s exterior ready not only for Christmas decorating, but also for winter?

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures’ are beginning to drop a little. So before your time to work is limited by conditions take stock of what needs to be done outside and get that plan ready…I warned you that this week one was full of plans.  

And trust me that as I write this, the to do list around here is growing.  Here’s what I have so far for our house.

We need to add mulch to our beds and deadhead some flowers. I have some pressure washing that needs to be done before cold weather makes itself at home. We need to clean out the gutters and washing at least a few windows {I’m not going over board on that one} mostly to get rid of cobwebs and other trash that have made a home on my windowsills.

There are several items that despite finding or making them a home last spring are still somehow lying around in the garage, along with some other odds & end picking up outside.

Here’s a few more tips sent to me by a home repair company not to long ago.

~Clean out gutters and downspouts. Inspecting gutters and downspouts for debris and fallen leaves can reduce the chances of an ice dam forming. An ice dam can cause leaks that will result in interior damage to your ceilings and walls. After you've cleared as many leaves as you can from your gutters, you can spray water down the downspouts to wash away any other debris. Gutter screens can help reduce the number of leaves that collect in your gutters. Exercise extreme caution when working on a ladder or on the roof.

~Run all gas-powered lawn equipment until the fuel tank is empty or discard of it properly. Gasoline left in the tank loses its volatile components over the winter, making your mower hard to start in the spring. By draining the tank, you are also removing flammable liquid storage from your garage. Make sure you aren't storing dirty, oily rags in a pile. They can ignite spontaneously.

~Prepare your furnace for the upcoming heating season. Consider calling a reputable local heating and cooling company to check your furnace, clean it, and prepare it for the upcoming winter. Keeping the furnace in good working condition will help reduce your heating bills and help avoid serious problems.

~Replace or clean your furnace filter. This will keep the air in your house cleaner, make your furnace more efficient, and help lower your heating bills

Are you asking what this has to do with Christmas preparations? Trying to get a repair man/company to our homes during Christmas can be difficult. Hopefully by checking on these now you can avoid some of these repairs, which can be costly...and have less stress not just during Christmas, but maybe all winter too!

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