Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thirty-one Days~ Day Ten - Taking Inventory

If you haven’t already it’s time to plan a day to go to the attic or basement and look at your Christmas decorations.

Check your lights, do you have any that have burned out?  What about your other decorations are they tired looking?  I use some artificial garland outside and some of mine looks really sad, so I know that I need to get a few pieces.

Bows don’t always fair well when being stored and ribbon can be expensive and hard to find after a few years. You may need time to find these and try to catch sales too.

Will you have a real tree or an artificial one? For a real tree, make sure you added it to your budget and if you use an artificial this is a good time to check it, along with wreaths and any other decorations or ornaments that you have. Make sure you don’t have any broken pieces, by checking these now you will have time to try and repair or replace them if possible. 

What about stockings, have you had an addition to your family, they will need a stocking. Shop early will help ensure more selection.

To sum it all up~

I think that the biggest tip here is to know what needs you have and include them in your budget. When you take care of these early you will have a better selection to choose from and the time to do some comparison-shopping to hopefully save you a few dollars in the process.   

Taking some time now will save you from stress and headaches latter.

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